Alex and Maddy

Alex and Maddy

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Loving our time at the beach with family and friends! Every year we look forward to our visit with Mimi and PopPop. We love to visit NC and see family and friends that we don't get to see other times. We spend lots of time at the beach, swimming in the pool, playing miniature golf and creating memories. It has become such a treasured tradition for Alex and I. This year we have also been able to introduce Maddy to some firsts! One thing I have discovered is that (almost) 10 month olds and much more agreeable photographic subjects then 10 year olds!

I do have some medical updates, but I have chosen to wait till we are home from vacation before I share those.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pertussis and Pictures

What a very long month this has been!

Alex started with a nagging cough on June 30th that quickly became pretty bad. By the end of the week he was wheezing and not sounding or looking good. He had no fever and no other symptoms so everyone's first thought was an asthma flare. We saw multiple doctors 6 times before finally being diagnosed with pertussis 10 days later! Alex is vaccinated, however because of his immune deficiency he doesn't hold the titers to his vaccines normally.  Unfortunately, many people now do not believe in vaccinating their children. Alex has paid the price for those choices. We are now almost a month into this ordeal and Alex is still struggling. he coughs to the point of turning red/blue. He cannot catch his breath. He has expressed a fear of dying. We are still doing breathing treatments around the clock. He is using twice his normal amount of Oxygen. He cannot go to TKD because he doesn't feel well enough. It is really sad. All of us were treated with antibiotics so we are not contagious, however, Alex's cough could linger for months.  we are praying he starts to feel better soon!

Miss Maddy Moo is doing well. We are so grateful she did not get the pertussis as I cannot imagine how scary it would be with a baby! Maddy had her 8 month pictures done on July 4th and they are precious! Heather at has been so awesome to work with and she did a fabulous job capturing "Maddy"! My plan had been t get a few of the kiddos together, but because Alex wasn't feeling well, he didn't come. So here are Maddy's pics:

Hoping for a GREAT update next month!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Eight Months

It doesn't seem possible, but our sweet Maddy Moo is 8 months old today. The last month has been so much fun as her personality continues to emerge. She is so sweet and loving. She is such a little lady. She is quieter then Alex was at this age and she is a little more reserved. Alex was ALWAYS happy , smiling, talking. Maddy spends more time observing and taking everything in, but lights up when something makes her happy. She is definitely a Mama's girl, but no one gets as many smiles as her brother. He can get a smile and even a giggle just by talking to her. She squeals whenever Mia comes in the room. She loves to play peek a boo and LOVES her bath. She grabs my face and give me big open mouth kisses. She has two teeth and is already starting to sign some words. Her hair is turning red and she has a little temper that matches. She is our little doll and we couldn't be more in love!

Now let's see...My sweet boy! Every single person who has spent any time with us over the past 8 months has said the same thing..."He is the best big brother!" And how right they are. Maddy is the luckiest girl because she has the kindest, most loving big brother. He will do anything for his sister. The last month has been so fun for me as I have watched Alex have a "normal" little boy summer. He has been feeling pretty good and he has spent two weeks in camp! He went to Cub Scout camp for one week and surprised us all when he was able to stay from 9-4 for 4 days straight!!!! He had so much fun and went a long way towards achieving his goal of becoming a Super Achiever as a Webelo and earning all 20 badges instead of the 12 required to earn your Arrow of Light.  He also went to VBS this year at our church and enjoyed being part of the older group of 5th and 6th graders. He even participated in a fundraiser car wash and has helped build bookshelves for Habitat for Humanity. Besides camp he has continued to work hard at Taekwondo and is now a high blue belt. We are so blessed by Kick Tiger Martial Arts and the "family" they have become to us. Alex and I started 5th grade yesterday and so far he really likes the curriculum we have chosen for this year.

In between all of our fun, we have had to squeeze in a bunch of doctors appointments for both kids, so needless to say we have been busy! Thanks for checking in with us!